Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I can draw a stick figure and she can do this...

So so so proud of my sister the artist!  She is an Art major at OBU and had her senior art show this past weekend!  Several family members came in town to celebrate her awesome work!  She is so talented and creative.  It boggles my mind!  I am so glad we were able to go see all of her artwork on display and celebrate 4 years of her amazing talent!  Congrats on an awesome show sweet Rissa!

Before she got tired, she was a happy girl!

Kisses for Mommy

The coolest guestbook ever. This tree was full with fingerprints by the end of the night!

So cute of Granpa, unfortunately Haven wouldn't cooperate for this one!


Sisters :)

They like each other a little bit. :)
Roomies & Besties!

How handsome is our bro in this pic?! 

Bozzy & his blue-eyed grand-baby :)

The AWESOME food spread, thank you Raglins!

Proud parents!

Sweet Nonna came in from Memphis!

What a cute couple! :)

What a wonderful evening!  If only Haven could have hung in there a little longer so I could have had a longer stay, but oh well.  It was such a great show and we are all so proud of Aunt Rissa!  She even sold some pieces!  Cha-ching! :)  I didn't take any pictures of the rest of our weekend with the family but it was glorious.  I love my sweet family!  


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  1. so glad you got to spend time with your family~ and your sis is awesome. i want lessons!