Saturday, February 11, 2012


My dear friend Skyler is due to have baby boy Caleb on Monday!  I hated that all of our college friends could not get together for a shower for her, so a few weeks ago I organized a shower-in-a-box!  Almost 20 of our sweet friends participated and it was a hit!  Some people sent actual gifts and others sent money/gift cards for me to go shopping with!  And let me tell you how much fun I had shopping with other people's money!!  Haha!  I enjoyed a nice little babies r us shopping spree in the little boy section for a change!  I think it all came together really well!  Here's some pics of all her stuff!  She did good, huh?!

We got Skyler's husband, Chris, in on it at the last minute and he managed to get the 3 boxes before Skyler knew anything about it.  He displayed everything on their fireplace mantle pictured below and surprised her on her lunch break!  How cute is that?!  She of course shed some tears (as we all knew she would) and thanked us big time!  We love you Skyler and can't wait for you to welcome baby Caleb on Monday!!!

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