Friday, June 22, 2012

Beavers Bend 2012 Day 3

Unfortunately this was Haven and I's last day at the Bend!  I had to get back for pom camp for the UJVP squad that I help coach!  I was sad to leave, but I had a blast at pom camp too. :)  Anyway, here's our last day!

Half-naked Haven walking with Bozzy!


 What's she pointing at you ask?

Uncle Spencer on a horse!  Oh wait, that's from 2006 when he was 11.  He is almost 18 now!  Time flies!

This is what they were really looking at.  Nobody we know, but horses are cool!


Grinning at each other.  Love it.

Next it was time for the train ride!  So fun!  Frame-worthy!

Reading with Gammie, waiting for the train to start!

Waving at Gran and Granpa as we passed by!

Love this of both of them!  Haven loved the train!

Mommy and Haven!

At the end of the ride they pick one of the kid's ticket numbers for a prize and guess who won?!  Haven!  She obviously doesn't have my luck b/c I would never win something like that!  She got her first taste of cotton candy!  Yum!

Train pic!

And we finished the day with one more pool playtime before we hit the road.

It was a wonderful trip and I didn't want it to end!  Here's to next year at the Bend with (hopefully not) a terrible 2 year old! :)

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