Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drive-way Drive-in!

This was the 2nd Annual Drive-way Drive-in at our friends' Elissa and Ryan's house!  They set up a projector in their drive-way and we all gather around with lawn chairs for a movie!  This year was Heavyweights which I had never seen before and it was hilarious!  Gotta love a young Kenan (All That, anyone?) and a young Ben Stiller.  Pretty awesome!  And any event with a popcorn maker and milkshake machine is a good time in my book!  Russell stayed home with Haven so Keri and I could go to the party.  Elissa and Ryan are just the best hosts and so creative to come up with a party like this!  Thanks guys!  Looking forward to next year! 

Pledge sisters!  Love you!

Oh and I should also just document my random bee sting.  Standing in Elissa's kitchen, extending my hand to introduce myself to someone I didn't know, and FIRE on my left knee.  I FREAK OUT and scream and slap my knee like something was eating me alive.  Turns out it was a bee!!!  I have never been stung by anything in my life and OUCH!  Thankfully I'm not allergic or this night could have gone in a much less-fun direction.  The poor girl I was introducing myself to got quite the show and probably thinks I'm a crazy person!  But it hurt!  Oh well, it's comical now!!

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