Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birthday Fun! Pool Time!

Most of our friends left (which by the way I'm sad I didn't take any pictures with any of you!!  What was I thinking?!) and it was time for all the family to get in the pool if they weren't already!  Haven loves the water!

Special birthday swimsuit!

Play time with Poppy!

Kisses from Mommy!

Happy girl!

"Uh, I have something to say!"  Ha!

Fun with Aunt Rissa!

Wonderful aunt and uncle!

And that concludes the birthday party posts!  Thanks again to everyone that came to the party!  Especially all you out of town people!  It meant so much to have you there!  And for those that couldn't come, we missed you but you were there in spirit!

Haven, I think your party was a hit!  It was a hot day, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves... or enjoyed watching you which is all that matters!  And you hung in there so well!!  I was so glad we didn't have any melt downs. :)  I know you won't remember the party, but it will be fun to look back on it in the future!  This past Christmas we watched a bunch of home movies, including the one from my first birthday party.  I thought a lot about it on your party day and how neat it will be to look back on the pictures and video from your special day 25+ years from now.  Here's to many more birthday parties in the future!  But they can take their sweet time getting here, b/c I'm loving every moment with you!!!  Love you baby girl!!!

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