Friday, June 29, 2012

My Night with Bret... The play by play!

OMG where to start?!  I still have butterflies in my stomach.  So if you're reading this you probably know about my obsession with Bret Michaels.  You may have even read this post about my sister getting me tickets to his show in March and our super-fun night.  Well that night in Shawnee they mentioned that you could pay to do a meet and greet with Bret after the show.  I didn't have any cash on me and we weren't feeling very brave, but afterwards I was wishing I went to that meet and greet.  Fast forward to a few weeks later where my friend/past manager tells me Bret is coming to Tulsa.  OMG. WE. HAVE. TO. GO. is my response. 

For the next several weeks I mulled over the idea of actually meeting Bret and I decided I HAD to do it.  I mean really... when am I going to ever have this chance again?!  So I made up my mind.  I was going to meet Bret and I was going to kiss him (with my husband's permission of course).  The whole day leading up to the show I was SO excited about this possibility.  So I put on my sequins... the same sequins I wore 3 months ago to see him.  I feel like it's the only shirt I have that is Bret-worthy and the only reason I even own it is because my friend Lizzie asked us to where sparkles to her bachelorette party.  That should reassure you that I'm not some skank with a bunch of skank clothes that are worthy of meeting Bret Michaels.  Ok, now that we got that out of the way...

We get to the show and are temporarily devastated as the guy in front of us at will-call says only casino VIPs (big donors) get to do the meet and greet and they do it before the show.  WHAT?!  So disappointing.  But we weren't quite sure we could trust that douche-bag and I'm glad we didn't. Ha!  We bought our wrist-bands for the meet and greet, complete with a picture of Bret, for $200 that all goes to the American Diabetes Association.  Doesn't this guy keep getting cooler?!

We sat with excitement waiting for the show to start in our awesome seats just above the crazies on the floor...

Then the show started.  What's running through my brain you ask?  "OMG he is so hot.  I can see better this time and he is even hotter than 3 months ago.  OMG I am going to meet him, I'm going to meet him, I'm going to meet him!!!!  Calm down and enjoy the show, Brittany.... Dang, he's actually got some hot dance moves too!"  I stole some of Tracey's pics b/c she has a better camera!

How awesomely tight are those pants?!  Faint.  They also have American flags at the bottom.  They are weird and cool and hot.

My thoughts at this moment, "I wish that was me that he was reaching for... Oh wait, I GET TO MEET HIM!!!!"

This is part of the Rock of Love theme song.  AKA the point in time that I discovered Bret Michaels and fell in love with him as did my friend Val and maybe some other less outspoken pledge sisters.  My phone can't really handle the decibel level in there so don't expect too much.  But please watch until the end for the fabulous split jump Bret does that my sister and I imitated here. 

They auctioned this guitar off for $4,000 and those people got to meet Bret first!  At this moment, "That is a sweet guitar, but that girl is crazy!  I only had to pay $200 and will get the same amount of time with him!  Score!"

 "...just like every night has it's dawn-aw-a-awn..."

Ok, after some "Nothin' but a Good Time" (could there be a better song title to define this night?!) and Kiss's "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night" to close the show, it was time for our stomachs to turn upside down as we prepared to meet Bret.  In this line, was everyone from old scary ladies to muscley men to really annoying skanks.  I feel like Tracey and I were by far the most normal.  (But are we normal? Ha!)

Now for the play by play you've been waiting for.  Get to it already, Brittany!  Ok, ok.  It's my turn and as I approach Bret says, "Hey baby girl... come here... how you doin' tonight?" in the smoothest voice you've ever heard.  With a giddy "I'm doing wonderful," we embrace in a fabulous full-frontal (no side-hugs for this girl!) hug.  I hold on to him as we come out of the hug and look him in the eyes and say, "My husband said it was ok if I got a little kiss."  Yes, I said that.  He smiles and says "ok", CLOSES HIS EYES, and puckers up.  Omg this is happening.  It was the most magical kiss since my first one with Russell. LOL.  I know you're wondering so I'll tell you that his lips are soft... and I completely ignore the idea that they've been lots of places I probably don't want to think about.  I'm pretty sure as I come out of the kiss I say, "Oh my gah."  I manage to not fall to the floor and as we pose for our picture in our still super-close embrace, he says, "Man tell your husband he rocks."  Haha love it.  How hot is this picture?!  I mean really.

He then proceeds to autograph my picture of him that I was given when we bought the wrist-bands and it is appropriately one of him from Rock of Love.  As he's signing, I realize that if I'm going to say anything I'm going to say it now.  So I say, "I have watched you in every reality show that you have been on and I just love you so much.  You are so genuine and... I just love you so much."  Bahaha.  He replies with, "Thank you so much for saying that sweetheart... wait til you see what I'm working on for NBC.  You're gonna love it."  To which I reply, "OMG I'm so excited!  I can't wait!"  I feel the pressure of the people behind me to exit so I go to leave and he tells me to "take care and have a great summer."  "Thanks and you too!"  Then as I am walking off he says, "Bye baby... bye Brittany... seriously tell your husband he's awesome!"  With a girly giggle and a longing for more contact (really wishing I had gone in for a goodbye hug), I say "oh I will tell him!" 

Then I got to watch Tracey's interaction and just observe his hottness for a couple more minutes.  Then we walked away reading our autographs and almost fainting.  Mine says "Brittany, Love You, Bret Michaels."  OMG.  Awesome.  We then spend the car ride home re-hashing our individual Bret encounters, staring at our cameras with our pictures with him, and talking about how sweet/real/genuine/hot (the list obviously goes on and on) he is.  Best. Night. Ever. 

So do you want to pass out reading this?  I know at least Val does.  And maybe my mom b/c I am not the daughter she thought she raised.  Ha!  But truthfully, I think I would react this way if I were meeting... Bret, Justin Timberlake, Matthew McConaughey, and.... drumroll please.... REBA.  Val and I are going to get to work on how to make that last one happen.  But if all 3 of those don't pan out... I've got this to fall back on.  This memory to relive.  And relive.  And relive as I have done every few minutes since last night.  Yes, I am obsessed and you can judge me.  I welcome it.  Thanks to Bret for a wonderful evening!  And to my "awesome" husband that "rocks" who will get to enjoy hearing me say "omg I kissed him" every time we see Bret on TV from this day forward.  Sounds like lots of good times ahead for me.  


  1. I am loving every minute of reading this.

    Congratulations! I'm so proud of you, and Russell.

  2. First of all, yes, I am on the brink of passing out.

    Second of all, every time I think about the fact that he closed his eyes...I scream out loud. Also when I see how tight he is holding you in that picture. With the BUS in the background!

    Third of all, just took a gander at ol' Reba's tour schedule...she's in my neck of the woods on August 18th in Atlantic City. JUST SAYING.